Paddle Sports SA offers specialised training and boat and gear selection for paddlers on the Patawalonga at Glenelg SA.

Clint Robinson Paddling Workshops - Thursday 29-2nd November 2014 in Adelaide contact us for details:


A Fitness and Paddle Performance Training Group" is held every Wednesday morning -6.00am-7.00am at Glenelg North Beach Foreshore

Please email for a session

Sessions are $15 per person session, please bring own craft along.

10 sessions are $100. Group training and technical paddling sessions.

Come and join in a fun and surf specific paddling group dedicated to ocean surf ski paddling.

Boat and paddles can be provided for $25 per session.

Demonstration paddling on Tuesday at 5.15pm by appointment at the Patawalonga Glenelg. To demonstation paddle an ocean ski, like Epic V8 or V10 Sport, Fenn Swordfish or XT.  Please contact us, cost is $100 which is taken off of the price of a new ski that is purchased.

Individaul training is run by appointment only contact Steve 0404 501 738.

A 1.5 hour session can be run with individual paddlers for techical aspects of surf ski paddlng including surf negotiation, technique and equipment set up for $100 per session.